This website is a view of “the world” through things I “love” (for some strange reason) –  soccer, atlases and encyclopedias …

Being a geography teacher I put the three together. That is what a SOCCER “ATLA-PEDIA” is a “study”that is part game, geography and “knowledge”, ALL “MIXED” UP in what I call “X-treme” Geography,  a “perspective” on “the world’ we inhabit …

But what of the world that has NOT caught the “soccer-football disease? …

“NAME that ASIAN” ???

I taught Advanced Placement World History in an American high school.

The world history curriculum was ASIAN centered, which “makes sense” because Asia is not only geographically largest continent in the world, but much of world history has been dominated or “centered” IN Asia.

That said, WHAT or WHO are exactly “ASIAN”?                                                                                                          

Asia is a HUGE, “DIVERSE” and “NON-MONOLITHIC” – i.e. all “Asians” are NOT the SAME”.

So out of “seriousness” and sarcastic, politically incorrect “humor” I would remark –  “Can you NAME that Asian?”

… because they are not all the same –                                                                              and it’s a huge, historically significant place.”

How to grasp this Asian-centered historical perspective and “approach”?

Hence this “approach” – respecting both “universal” and “unique”,                                                                                                                    recognizing of both “similarities”, yet non-stereotypical.

Being the good “American” I am, the “GAME SHOW” concept came to mind.                                                     Hence, ‘NAME THAT ASIAN”, the “game show”, was “birthed”.

I love “edu-tainment” – the MIX of “EDUCATION” and “ENTERTAINMENT”.

This “approach” is BOTH dead SERIOUS ANDRIDICULOUS” at the same time.

It is an example of what I call the “Two ‘H’s” – HORRIFYING AND HILARIOUS

This is the basis of this study in the GEOGRAPHY “X-treme” ….