AGREE?                                                DISAGREE?

_____1)Marcus Garvey and the Rastafarians were correct to protest the evils of racism and the “tyranny” of British colonialization.

“Respect” and group pride (“Back to Africa”) are natural reactions to the “oppression” experienced by blacks in the Americas.  

Briefly explain:

_____2)The “Back to Africa” movement was misguided.  

Jamaicans and   most “blacks” are more “American” than they are “Africans”.  

The “idealization” of the “glory” of Africa as some sort of “utopia” ignores “reality” with “wishful thinking”.  

Replacing the attitude of “white superiority” with “back superiority” is equally wrong and misguided.

Demon-izing the British is simplistic.  

Jamaica, the United States and India were all former British colonies that have benefitted from the benefits of English “civilization”. 

 Briefly explain:

_____3)Smoking “ganga” or marijuana is “natural”.

It is “normal” to protest a hypocritical and uptight “Establishment” that approves of one drug (e.g. alcohol) and disapproves another (marijuana)  

Briefly explain:

_____4)People who think they need drugs to make a “better” life and/or bring unity of “awareness” of God are sadly mistaken.

Drugs are an “escape” from “reality” that is potentially dangerous and unhealthy. 

Drug use-abuse worships “pleasure” (“hedonism”), not “God”.   

Briefly explain:

____5)Reggae is a “cool” form of music that is both entertaining and “educational”.

Its political and social content is a necessary form of protest against the “evils” of “the Establishment”. 

Bob Marley is a great icon or symbol of the fight against for “justice” against “oppression”.  

Briefly explain:

_____6)Reggae “ideals” and the “message” of “one love” and “one world” are a little ridiculous.

It is utopian “wishful thinking” to think that the all people in the world should just “all get along”.

The “hero worship” of Bob Marley as some sort of reggae “messiah” is ridiculous.  

Briefly explain: