WHATWHO AM I?

ANSWER BANK: Aztecs – Cortez – Peninsulares – Criollos –  Mestizos – Peons

smallpox – encomienda – Napoleon –  Father Hidalgo – Father Morelos – Iturbide – 

Santa Ana – conservatives – liberals – Constitution of 1857 – Maximillian  – Juarez – Porfirio Diaz  –  “cientificos”

1)Threatened with arrest from the “tyrannical” Spanish, my “Cry of Dolores” set off a revolt on September 16, 1810 by the Mexican “masses” against Spanish rule. 

I am called the ”Father” of Mexican independence, even though I regretted the violent “bloodbath” that ensued.

I was executed by the Spaniards.

    WHAT-WHO AM I ? _____________________

2)We migrated from the north onto an island in Lake Texcoco, hated and humiliated by the natives.  

We built Tenochtitlan, conquering our native rivals and creating an empire.

   WHAT-WHO AM I ? ___________________

3)I was a “liberal” general who established political stability after 50 years of conflict and chaos.  

I brought economic development and modernization.  I was overthrown as a  “dictator” in The Revolution of 1910. WHAT-WHO AM I ? _________________

4)I was the forced labor system established by the Spaniards, forcing many to live an almost slave-like existence. WHAT-WHO AM I ? ___________________

5)I was the first “Emperor” of Mexico.  A poor leader, I was later executed by fellow Mexican generals. WHAT-WHO AM I ? __________________

6)President of Mexico 11 different times, I am called by some the “Napoleon” of 

      Mexican history, considered both a “hero” and a power-driven, selfish “hypocrite”.      

      I symbolized the political instability of the liberal vs. conservative divide.

    WHAT-WHO AM I ? _____________________

7)We were the class of Mexican-born Spaniards who resented “Peninsular” rule.  We 

      were the class whose support eventually led independence from Spain in 1821.

     WHAT-WHO AM I ? ____________________

8)I was the liberal President of Mexico that defeated Emperor Maximillian and French Intervention.  

My presidency was often “chaotic”, I died in 1872.

     WHAT-WHO AM I ? _____________________

9)I am the racially “mixed” class of native and Europeans that makes up the great 

      majority of “Mexicans”. WHAT-WHO AM I ? ____________________________

10)I killed the great majority of Native (indigenous) population that inhabited Mexico when the Spanish took control.

WHAT-WHO AM I ? ___________________

11)We are the class of Spanish-born who dominated “New Spain”.  We were resented by the Mexican-born Criollo class.

WHAT-WHO AM I ? ___________________

12)We were the government advisors to Porfirio Diaz, guiding the development and modernization of Mexico.

WHAT-WHO AM I ? __________________

13)I was a “liberal” document that helped lead to the “War of the Reform”, a bloody civil war between Mexico’s “liberals” and “conservatives”.

     WHAT-WHO AM I ? _____________________

14)We sought a Mexico modeled after the United States – a “modern”, egalitarian republic that rejected our feudal, Spanish past.

   WHAT-WHO AM I ? _____________________

15)We sought a Mexico modeled after Spain, a “traditional”, feudal society of social hierarchy (king, noble elites) and “stability”.

     WHAT-WHO AM I ? ______________________

16)We are the “peasant” class of Mexico, living a life of “subsistent” survival.

    WHAT-WHO AM I ? __________________

17)I followed Father Hidalgo, seeking Mexican independence.  Holding a “congress” that sought Criollo support, I was later executed.

    WHAT-WHO AM I ? _________________

18)An Austrian Hapsburg, I was crowned Emperor of Mexico.  Supported by Mexican conservatives and French troops, I was later executed for the Mexican “liberal” cause.

    WHAT-WHO AM I ? __________________

19)I was a “conquistador” who, with help from native “Mexican” allies, defeated the Aztecs in 1521.

WHAT-WHO AM I ? ___________________

20)I conquered Spain, setting up my brother Joseph as the Spanish king.  I played an indirect part in influencing Mexican history. 

    WHAT-WHO AM I ? __________________