We need to love them both and STOP “JUDGING” and trying to “RANK” them.  

It’s like APPLES and ORANGES … two DIFFERENT entities that perfectly represent and reflect the TEAMS they play for and represent … they are both “perfect” the way they are … just “accept” them …

Cristiano is one of “my people”.  I am of Portuguese descent on my mother’s side.  

My grandparents were from Madeira, Portugal, Cristiano’s home.  

The irony is a lot of the stuff he does annoys and bugs me.  

He can be an obnoxious jack###.  But he’s MY JACK###.  

He’s one of “mine”.

He’s my “PORTUGUESE PEEP” from “MIGHTY MADEIRA, my ancestral MATERNAL homeland.

If you have a problem with that I am an AMERICAN that might bomb you with shock and awe into brutal but blessed submission as the world’s policeman and last great hope so we can all make money experiencing life, liberty and pursuit of happiness whether your dumb-a## likes it or not.

Argentines are not particularly well liked by other nations.  But everybody loves Messi.  It’s impossible NOT to like Messi.

MESSI is like a VIDEO GAME.  

Machine like precision.  

Quiet energy and ruthless efficiency.  An constant, tireless source of entertainment.  Messi makes the  “outlandish” look “ordinary”.


He is outlandish, ridiculous, narcissistic, larger than life, almost surreal and hugely entertaining spectacle and “showman”.


You TRY being a goal-scoring prodigy, sex machine, underwear model, money making mogul and media whore who has his own museum and is trying to repopulate the earth single-handedly!  

Ronaldo does “ridiculous” well!

We need to appreciate that!

Until we have ACTUALLY TRIED that and walked a day in his shoes we need to HOLD BACK JUDGMENT.

Both perfectly represent the different teams they play for.  

If they switched teams, it would be “wrong”.  Messi on Real or Ronaldo on Barca would not be “right”.  

They are perfect for their teams – Messi IS Barca and Ronaldo IS Real.  Personally and politically I hate the “Cult of Personality”, BUT in this case I don’t thing God minds a little IDOL-WORSHIP!  

They are BOTH GIFTS from the “SOCCER-GODS”.

Messi is more than just a player on a “club” – he is a SYMBOL.

Ronaldo is more than just a player – he is a “GALACTICO” of “cosmic consequence”.


They are both “LARGER THAN LIFE”, more than just “soccer players”, both huge ENTERTAINERS who put on a “SHOW”.  

Just when you think can not possibly have more to give – they “pull a rabbit out of their ass” and make more “magic”. (soccer players do not wear hats)


“GEO GREG” @  … a.k.a. “SLAVIC”