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Alimujiang Yimiti  (“ALIMU”)

Photo - Alimujiang Yimiti


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In September 2007 Chinese government officials closed Alimujiang Yimiti’s business and accused him of using it as a cover up for “preaching Christianity among people of Uyghur ethnicity.” He was later arrested in January 2008 and accused of “subversion of the national government and endangering national security,” a crime punishable by death.

Alimujiang, a former Muslim, became a Christian more than 10 years ago and has been an active Christian in the growing Uyghur church.

On Sept. 13, 2007, the Kashi Municipal Bureau for Ethnic and Religious Affairs of Xinjiang stated: “Since 2002, Alimujiang Yimiti has been engaging, in the name of employment, in activities of illegal religious infiltration which include preaching Christianity among the people of Uyghur ethnicity, distributing religious materials and converting Christians.”

However, on Jan. 12, 2008, the Kashi Municipal Public Security Bureau placed Alimujiang on criminal detention on the two charges of “suspicion of inciting people to secede from China” and “illegally providing state secrets to foreigners.” On Feb. 20, he was formally arrested.

On May 27, 2008 Alimujiang’s case went to trial. His case was referred back to the Chinese Public Security Bureau’s prosecutors due to “insufficient evidence.”

He remains in custody.

In Feb. 2011, the Higher People’s Court of Xinjiang notified Alimujiang, who is serving his sentence, that they upheld the original sentence of 15 years of imprisonment in the reconsideration.

Wife: Pray for Husband, Kids, Church – June 2014

A VOM worker recently visited Alimujiang’s wife. Gulinuer and her two children are only allowed to visit Alimujiang for 15 minutes every three months. She told VOM that her husband has lost a lot of weight and looks pale, but he is doing well spiritually. She said he needs prayer for prison life, since he encounters many who are antagonistic.

She requested prayer for her children, who have suffered during her husband’s long imprisonment. She said her 8-year-old is always dreaming about when his dad gets out. Her oldest son has lost hope and is sad and discouraged.

China continues to arrest, torture and jail Christians associated with illegal house churches as they attempt to control or eliminate all religions. 1.3 billion people inhabit the oldest Communist republic, with an estimated 90 million being Christians.

Though many religions are being persecuted, Christians appear to be the hardest hit.


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